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Evaluating the Mobius Action Cam
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2013-Sep - This firmware version and page are now depreciated. Newer firmware v0.44 and newer, review here.

2013-Jul - First tests with the new Mobius Action Cam running firmware v0.34

• Excellent clarity at 1080p and 720p, better than the previous 808 #16 lens (A & B) quality.
• MUCH better audio quality, excellent signal to noise ration. Although the slight buzzing of the DSP working can still be heard, but MUCH less than the 808 #16.
• Startup delay to recording is 5.3 seconds.
• Very welcome change in design to put card slot and usb plug in the back, along with a red led that is visible (when driving).
• Still in a very small case.
• The power button is recessed, so is less likely to be pressed accidentally.
• At 1080p Standard quality, a 16Gb chip will hold 47 files of 3 minutes each. I can press the Mode button to save interesting events, as many times as memory allows. (Another dedicated car cam I considered only allowed 5 files to be saved... Not adequate when living in a rural area with the nearest large town over an hour away.)

1920x1080 good frames, beautiful views
White Mountain, Kettle Crest, WAColumbia River, Kettle Falls, WA

318Kb JPG

360Kb JPG
Click to enlarge
JPG files have been saved at quality=90

But there are still imperfections to be worked out, here's what I've noticed:
Color Shifting With Shadows
Video# 0099 frame 1 good in sunlight ,
frame 2 into shadows, white sky follows overhead wire ,
frame 7 exiting shade, sky color slowly darkening back to reality, treetops are white.
Video# 0103 Frame 1
reddish road, white sky
when in shade
Click to enlarge
Video samples of color shifting, shrunk and re-encoded to reduce size for upload

Video# 0099

640x360 MPEG4 AVI q=9 12.6Mb
sky color makes big jumps, multiple times

Video# 0103

960x540 MPEG4 AVI q=8 5.8Mb
Exiting shade, sky goes from white to blue
I have not provided raw frames or raw video here, due to my dialup connection. My transfer speed is 10 Mb per 1 hour.

I think the white sky following the overhead wire in video# 0099 at 0:17 is very interesting. I understand the white balance needs to follow the scene brightness, to keep contrast within a desired quality range, but in this case having the sky turn white, and the roadway shade turn reddish, is not right yet. There appears to be more happening here than just white balance. I have read it suggested the white balance be locked, but that would only work for constant lighting conditions. I'll surmise video# 0099 is a difficult scene to render properly, but video# 0103 is a situation more likely to be seen as common occurance.

Saturation levels are a bit high overall, and I understand future firmware will continue to improve away from the "Azure blue sky" bug, but when in full sunlight it looks pretty good right now. Some comments suggest the bug is still there, but I see it coming and going depending on lighting conditions.

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