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FedEx can not deliver

Case #1

2020.Aug.06 14:47
This camera looking east up North Lambert Lane, shows a FedEx delivery truck climbing the hill.
deliver truck
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2020.Aug.06 14:49
Sounded like he either could not, or choose not to keep going where the slope increases to a 21 percent grade. Here he backed up and parked.
deliver truck
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2020.Aug.09 06:32
Three days later I walked up the Lane, and now I saw there was a box left here where FedEx parked.
The tracking number is
and the address is 2.3 miles away on the other side of the ridge. The addressee recipient Patty never travels along this roadway, as it is the opposite side of the ridge that she lives on. The correct access route is from St Peters Creek Rd.
box left on ground
Now knowing who the package is for, I look for a way to contact her, but there is nothing in the phone book or free online.

2020.Aug.12 10:38
Three more days later, now the second time I walked up the Lane, I see the box is still here, but now it has been broke open, or pried open. It is also now getting water damage.
box broke open
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box broke open
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I reported this to the sheriff dispatch, both as a lost package and possible theft, and asked if they could contact Patty.
I left it in their hands.

I never saw any sheriff vehicles go past.

Finally on Aug.27 with a break in the wildfire smoke, walking outside once again, and seeing the package was still there, I made contact with the Malo post office, attempting to find a way to get in contact with Patty. The postmaster delivered the message the next day, phone contact was made, and the package was finally picked up Aug.28 at 14:40.
21 days late.
Patty also said the sheriff never contacted her, so they failed to do their job as well... Again.

Case #2

2020.Oct.27 15:37
I am expecting a package, due to arrive today, so when I saw FedEx drive past on the Lane, I walked down the driveway to meet up with them. The driver drove right past me and kept going.
delivery truck
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After a few hours the tracking page showed it was delivered at 16:57, 78 minutes later, to somebody's front door.
Very, very bad.
I am still waiting for this package to be delivered to my door. I wonder, how far did they go in 78 minutes?

Case #3

2020.Oct.28 15:11
Driving out on the Lane, I see 2 boxes left on the side of the road.
left box along Lane
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2020.Oct.28 16:25
left box along Lane
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On my way back to home, I stop to see if my package is here. No. But I see these are addressed to the same neighbor that was delivered to yesterday, on Oct.27.

The tracking number is
According to tracking, it was delivered Oct.27 at 17:08
This time stamp is 11 minutes after my package was left somewhere.

Commentary and questions raised
That says a lot about their logistics, putting at least 2 packages on 2 different trucks on the same day, for the same recipient. Isn't the last mile supposed to be the most expensive part of package delivery?
Why did the second FedEx driver leave a box here, when the first driver went directly to the correct house?

The second box has a USPS tracking number. tracking shows this package has not been scanned, not once. Status shows: "USPS Currently Awaiting Package" This makes no sense to me. Why didn't the mail person leave this one on their mailbox? What is going on here? Is this a race to the bottom by all delivery companies?

Oct.29 Seeing the boxes still there today, I did not expect. My neighbor drove past the boxes 5 times without seeing them. Fortunately I can contact them much faster.

So that is at least twice (in the last 3 months) that FedEx has failed to let their customers know where they dropped their packages, and just expected them to find them on their own? Seriously?

After speaking to the neighbor, now I know there was a fourth. Another box for Patty delivered to the wrong house.

Case #2 continuing

I called FedEx to place an alert on the package, and start a trace on it.
I again called FedEx because I have received no information about where my package is or what FedEx is doing about it. The first 2 people were hard to understand because of their accent, but I finally spoke to someone who was fluent in english. She appologized and said their policy is to deliver packages to the right door, not leaving them on the ground, or like I have been seeing.
When she tried to call the local hub, which is in Omak 90 miles away, she dialed my number. Then when she decided to give my number to the local hub, and repeated my number to confirm she had it right, she spoke the Omak phone number. More cognitive disfunction that is going around.
Nobody called.
I have a case number, and I am still waiting.
Oct.30 am.
In calling FedEx today, I've talked to 3 people, and have been hung up on Twice. Also the "wait 40 hours" has turned into "wait for 48 hours to elapse, until Monday," before having the shipper start a claim file for a lost package. They clearly don't know where my package is.

In speaking to a friend at the courthouse, she says the new FedEx driver is terrible, leaves their packages in all the wrong places, and complaining has accomplished nothing.

Oct.30 18:05
My package has been delivered by a good neighbor 2 miles away, where it was left incorrectly.

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